Our Story

To keep things short, we wanted to resolve everybody’s problem with technology!


ScriptBees was created with a small group of individuals who had a passion for designing cutting-edge software products. Our belief in automation has made to build products that make things more accessible and easy to use.

Our first stint as an organization began with VolunteerMark, a volunteer management solution, our core team developed. VolunteerMark inspired us to deliver game-changing digital solutions with similar processes & frameworks, in addition to expanding our team to provide such vital implementations.


Company Starts with VolunteerMark

We began with 20 members of staff, as VolunteerMark development initiated to enhance the volunteer management system. Integrated team involvement turned the accomplishment of requirements. Our integrity and systematic approach allowed us to push our boundaries of development.


WonderWe + Key implementations for the Government that continue even today

Our progressive growth in staffing and WonderWe, a fundraising platform; association had consolidated our passionate team towards technology development. Incorporating with Government implementations provided us a steady increase in the expansion of technology usage in the business.


Expansion of our team from 40 to 100 (7-Eleven Project)

A monumental expansion of the team and web application development for the retail industry has pushed us to new areas of development. Our efficient team support and flawless strategy made express deliveries within the timeline.



Establishing testing services for Sauce Labs across various platforms. We have provided a complete report on the delay in test execution. We have identified the cause and reduced the latency to improve cloud testing, based on the data analysis & the test cases.


Partnered with Tech Mahindra to support internal Projects & Staffing | Involved in the education and pharmaceutical industries. (GreenLight and Aurobindo)

Successful initiation in the healthcare and education industries had increased the scope of the company towards the development end. We have extended our collaboration with Aurobindo, TechMahindra, and also have initiated the secured blockchain technology for GreenLight to develop web and mobile applications. Staff augmentation also started for diverse clients located across India.


Spandana, Increased Staff and Workstation

A new workspace with more seating capacity and includes a friendly atmosphere for employees to improve work efficiency. Our services expansion in the Government industry with Spanadana has advanced our application development services. 


Regulatory and Process Management - Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals

Persistence of doing the Best is what keeps ScriptBees moving through pandemic, A small leap of faith has powered us to Extended the Collaboration offering automation for regulatory and process management.

Our Leader & CEO

Being a whole and sole individual, he is always responsible for the organised flow of the company deliverables and passion towards the IT industry. He had more comprehensive and professional experience in satisfying the clients’ necessities in the given stipulated time and approaching them with viable strategies. His artefacts will always lead to the accomplishments of Objectives.