Life at ScriptBees is simple and rewarding for all.

Rooted in the open startup culture of the new age, ScriptBees is a great place for young minds to learn, explore and grow. Encouraging team members to challenge and ask questions is more than just an HR statement at ScriptBees - it is how we function. We help each other work around roadblocks and ensure that each team member is heard with weekly all-hands meetings. Even our work space, devoid of any cubicles, stands testimony to our spirit of collaboration and collective responsibility.

Meet our new recruits

prasanth bhukya
Prasanth Bhukya

“I have been working at ScriptBees just since the past two months. I’ve learned a lot of things in such a short period. People here support one another, and together create this organization that is creative, fun, hardworking, and highly productive.”

Surya Teja K

"I joined ScriptBees a month ago and havent looked back since then. As a designer it was very refreshing to be involved in not just the visuals, but the product strategy as well. The growth here is immense."

Working (and thriving) at ScriptBees

Ambition often needs inspiration to make it to the final destination. We understand that. At ScriptBees, we ensure that every effort made by team members is noticed and rewarded with special awards and gift vouchers. However, when a team member makes larger contributions on a continual basis, we believe that the best reward is a larger role! But wait! It’s not always work at ScriptBees. Every time there’s a new addition to the team, we go on celebration mode. If you’re a fan of creamy, yumilicious cakes, join us now!

Current Openings

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