Delivering game changing Digital Solutions to our clients

Large companies often need their challenges addressed at breakneck speed, cutting through elaborate organizational processes. To all those companies, we have one thing to say, “You have come to the right place.”

Kansas University

Kansas University needed an infrastructure at their server end that would support easy incorporation of changes in lesson plans. We made an interactive web app for them that streamlined their lessons and helped students take digitized tests in their core subjects.

7-Eleven Stores

7-Eleven Stores, the leading retailer, needed an efficient system to manage their inventories and store wastes. We created an app that served as a holistic solution. With it, they were able to efficiently automate their transactions and monitor their sales, in addition to providing streamlined inventory and waste management. And, we did this in five weeks!


The business objective of Panther is to create a community focused learning management system that empowers users to not only learn online but also apply the learned skills in real world settings.

Criminal Investigation Department (CID), State of Andhra Pradesh

The Indian state’s investigative department was struggling with piles of paperwork and mountains of data that needed to be digitally converted and interpreted. We pitched in to help and develop a mobile app that digitized all their data, making it easily consumable, 24x7!

We understand the need to make a noise with ideas. That is why we often collaborate with startups to see their projects bear fruition.


VolunteerMark was the first startup we worked with as a company, in 2011. Its product, a volunteer management solution, is a web and mobile app that brings NGOs and its volunteers together and enhances collaboration between the two parties.


WonderWe is a crowdfunding platform. We loved the idea that a large donation from big corporations is not the only way to make good things happen. With WonderWe, anyone can pitch in as much as they can and still be a superhero. Available on web and as mobile apps, WonderWe lets you create campaigns and gather support from friends, family, and others for social and personal causes through social media.

VIP Table

VIP Table is an app that lets restaurants manage their online bookings, profiles, and menus, while allowing consumers to reserve tables and check in online. .

We love to show off our strengths with our own homegrown products too.

INS Media

INS Media is our news app that is dedicated to facilitating good governance in rural areas. It closes the communication gap between rural communities and the government in India. While readers can use the app to read, journalists can publish articles revolving public concerns using the app.


Signingpad plugs the gap between digital communication and signatures on paper. This yet-to-be-launched application shall enable Aadhaar Card-based digital transactions using e-signatures and OTPs. Soon, there will be no waiting period to sign a document.

Vote to Booth

Vote to Booth is our holistic election management solution for political parties. The app aggregates data from each constituency and provides actionable insights to party leaders to increase their voter turnout rates. It also helps them manage and guide local leaders towards achieving a clean sweep.