RPA Service

What is RPA?

RPA is an automation technology that enables companies to avoid redundant tasks in a digital environment. RPA involves bots, software programs that can mimic various assignments performed by any human employee. Assignments such as data entry in CRM systems, automated invoicing, text recognition, and more.

The key elements of RPA can be found in the abbreviation.

R — Robotic

Robotics defines the special algorithm or a software bot that can execute any task. Similar to industrial robots, RPA bots follow predetermined rules to emulate user interactions. For example, distributing incoming support tickets between the support team.

P — Process

Process defines the sequence of steps for any task to be accomplished. For example, a support manager needs to handle different types of incoming inquiries and respond to them based on their request. Providing the same information for common inquiries requires extra resources and attention to ensure successful customers. RPA bot can replace the extra resource and performs the above sequence just like a real person.

A — Automation

Automation can reduce human participation and perform the tasks as mentioned in the sequence. RPA can reduce human resource participation and can work, manage an enormous amount of data at lightning-fast speeds 24/7.

RPA is a powerful technology that can assist human resources, enhance the customer experience, and boost digital transformation.

Watch RPA Bots Automating VolunteerMark

Where can RPA be used?

RPA can be implemented in different industries, such as finance, insurance, and healthcare. Irrespective of the company size, RPA technology can benefit businesses with process automation. 

Areas where RPA tools have proved themselves:

Customer service

  • • After-hours customer support
  • • Handling feedback
  • • Sending notifications
  • • Updating client’s profiles
  • • Real-time updates on purchase status

Financial services

  • • Extracting billing information
  • • Processing financial transactions
  • • Invoicing
  • • Preparing data for audits
  • • Accounting reconciliation

Human resources

  • • Employee surveys Onboarding
  • • Managing payrolls, compensations, and other benefits
  • • Handling compliance
  • • Time record validation


  • • Backups
  • • Data migration
  • • Automated testing of sites and applications
  • • Managing events
  • • Security & compliance monitoring


  • • Order validation
  • • Purchase planning
  • • Processing of returns
  • • Managing contracts

Sales and marketing

  • • Updating information in a CRM
  • • Campaign management
  • • Reporting
  • • Quoting
  • • Performing follow-ups and post-sale requests

Why Us

“ScriptBees” and “ElectroNeek’s’’ together provide flawless RPA services which reduce human intervention and enhance your customer experience. Our RPA implementation on VolunteerMark ensures the process flow and accomplishes the task easily. We help our clients to implement a streamlined and automation process in their workflow.

Key takeaways

  • RPA is an automation technology that involves software robots to avoid repetitive tasks.
  • RPA’s goal is to bring more focus on the meaningful aspects by optimizing the efficiency of employees.