Test Automation

Like how today’s world is evolving into a digital and fast delivery system, we provide automated solutions with the merest time with minimal effort. We intend to bring down repetitions, reduce human intervention at various possible scenarios by automating the process, without disturbing the existing one.

Automation Testing tool, as already considered a critical part of large scale organizations. Still, on the other side, it is estimated to be too expensive or difficult to implement in small companies. Automation Testing is well programmed and equipped with the latest technology, which differs from Manual Testing, relies on human beings for testing software functionality with a single-handed model.

Since Automation Testing implements with the available market Tools, it needs less time for overall test coverage, exploring an in-depth Testing and a bit more time required to maintain test scripts in increasing the total test coverage.

We offer Test Automation services like providing scheduled jobs with Jenkins, platform-independent code for Selenium, and so on.

With the help of static analysis checks; the elimination of speed bumps such as cyclomatic complexities, our DevOps services enable the development team to receive continuous feedback on their commits. 

  1. Faster Time-to-Market: These practices not only enable innovation and continuous deployment to become synonymous with each other but also allow the deployment process to be easier and quicker, thereby ensuring ROI.
  2. Cost-Effective Practises: DevOps involves automation of repetitive tasks without having to worry about errors. Such automation results in saving manual costs.

3. Eliminate Silos: Developers, Product Managers, QA team, & Operations Team work closely right from step one, eliminating silos. Break down of silos leads to deployment of applications faster with fewer errors, handle external changes quickly and be more efficient and productive.

Why Us

We provide test-free deliveries for clients that remain unchanged for the significant OS flavors. We also offer end-to-end support for the applications we develop. We also deliver tests in the cloud environment, including the entire modules improve in it.

At every successful completion of the Projects and yet delivered ones have defects. Test engineers might struggle a lot to catch and clear them even after the Deployment follows. But, the issues always creep in spite of developing the best manual testing process. In certain weird cases, Test Automation is the most reliable choice to make the defects cleared and for the glitch-free working of Software.

While Manual testing is involved Human Intervention in the aspects of inputs gathering, combining the particular requirements, maintaining accuracy in response, and more often, the working behavior would not be as expected. Whereas an Automation Testing tool is capable of performing the pre-loaded operations on multiple operating environments and identifying the high-level issues that a Test Engineer might not. 

Day 1 Advantage

As we have the expertise level in providing viable Products / Applications, we can hand over the earlier draft with required functionalities. A well-defined and enriched Application will be submitted to the client satisfying their requirements.


Requirement Analysis – Based on the requirements you provide, we will analyze to help how the application to build. Even on your first visit, we will offer the standard package that is working as a referral or as a test application.

Resource Allocation – A dedicated resource is allocated to the entire Project until the development comes to an end by providing regular support. 

Involving the Customer – While developing the application, necessary changes/updates are taken from the client and implemented at the initial stage.

Product-based outcomes – Once we have done with the finally tested and approved product, it will be delivered straight away to the customer.

End-to-End Support – After the product is delivered, we are here to support any issues raised at any time.

Updates – We accept the challenges that come at the time of application usage by updating a single module or the entire application if needed.