Staff Augmentation

Our accomplished staffing services outlined to complement your company’s unique business objectives and technical needs. A quality-focused approach of staff augmentation enables us to identify the ideal candidates for various needs. Our profound engagement with the best of the IT industry involves the candidates in a specified role in the company.

We prepared for various positions in multiple locations of the Nation. We are a reliable partner to several organizations, providing a vast range of resources in appropriate areas — hiring, training, and sourcing different positions, Skilled staff members to fill gaps for hassle-free project implementation.

Value Proposition

Are you thinking of not being involved in hiring headaches? Then we are your one-stop solution of taking care of all of your requirement needs. The hired individual or team joins your company either on any role would dissolve on project completion and submission. Our profound team offers support even at regular intervals whenever you need it.

You don’t have to go through the normal screening process even if you require one single resource. This obviously will save you on both time and cost factors.

In simple terms, Do you want to use additional support in completing your project? We are capable of assisting you with Staff Augmentation.


Why Us

Our profound team of Human Resource carries a detailed examination that enables long term relationship with clients, involved in various projects across pan India. Offering seamless service deliveries and customized staff augmentation services for both IT and non-IT Departments, we are proud to say that we manage multiple levels of staffing solutions day in and day out.


Day 1 Advantage

Our tailored Staff Augmentation agreements meet the unique needs of organizations. Our specialized capabilities in a variety of advanced technologies include identifying the right candidates with relevant experience for the position to fulfill the organizational requirements. Based on the fluctuating demands of the client, our shared resource enables a hassle-free project accomplishment.

  •         • Accurate identification of relevant resources
  •         • Offshore & Onshore resource supply
  •         • Fill gaps and provide hiccup-free project management



  • Enumerate your needs – You tell us what your requirements with regards to an employee are – That’s it. You can start hiring from 1 Employee, or you can build up an entire team. It’s up to you. As simple as that.
  • Schedule an Interview & Hire the Candidate – Our recruitment team finds out the appropriate candidates based on your prerequisites, interview them, and provide the optimal desired candidates for your review. You can review them, selecting your own desired methods before finalizing them.
  • Onboard the candidates – The one who got filtered, you can place in the right position with the designation they desire on the skills.
  • Ongoing Support – We assign an HR Manager to work alongside with your employees to build a productive relationship with the augmented team. We also ensure the entire data of the employees are kept secure from our end.