Improving UI/UX Web and Mobile App

In the era of digitization, mobile apps and web applications have intense competition in the digital market. It’s important for your mobile and web apps to have an appealing and Eye-catching design that grabs attention and eliminates the blindspots.

The ultimate question is, what matters the most while designing UI/UX for a mobile or web application? Some key points such as, User Insights, Values, placements, Clean & Simple, Pain Points, brand integration, following the latest trends, to ensure user attention. 

These are a few aspects that play a significant role in achieving more user attention.

Add Minimal Functions 

Web or mobile apps are designed to serve simple tasks adding multiple actions could distract the users from reaching their goal. As per the reports, only 46 percent of users find these tactics to be helpful, with 52 percent stating that they’re “annoying & distracting.” 

Functional Minimalism technique could be a surprisingly better principle that will help to create interactive and intent-focused mobile applications. Functional Minimalism applies to every demanding application, which includes contents, number of actions, and design elements.

Unlike mobile apps, a website can accommodate a lot of space for content and attention-grabbing design plus features. Understanding the user’s behaviour and sculpting limited content will help you hold the user’s attention.

What We Mean:

  • • Adequate Cognitive Load
  • • Minimum Action Buttons
  • • Logical Actions and Transitions
  • • Simple Actions
  • • Simple Design

Order, Consistency, Predictability

Order is essential in the process of creating any web or mobile application. An organized visual provides all the necessary things for the user on the screen. The structured hierarchy of contents is a logical sequence of transitioning from the entry point to the app’s main goal.

Designing an interactive interface is one of the most effective calls for designers to think about and guide users about what they need to do. This allows users to navigate towards the goal in a simple and easy way with no distractions. 

Make sure the navigation elements are visible and should be consistent and understandable. Navigation allows users to find their way between screens with absolute intent. Beginner tour is recommended to get the user familiar with UI/UX of Application.

Ways of Holding the Phone

A designer must understand users’ interaction with their mobile devices. Based on the intent of the application, user interaction and usage might vary. It’s mandatory to determine the best ways to use apps for any specific task and the way people hold their phones in different directions depending on the situation. One-handed, using one thumb; two-handed, using one thumb; and two-handed, using two thumbs are three main ways of using mobile devices.

Everything Should be close & Reachable!

The main actions icons or buttons must be allocated in prominent positions which draw the users’ attention to any icon or button. Menu options should be large enough to be easily selectable. Too large and too small elements can’t help improve user interaction/experience. 

Our Ending Note

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